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The following conditions prohibits the ability to have any machine treatments:

  • Menstrual Period (must wait until after your cycle because the treatment will cause bloating, lengthen your period and cramping)

  • Pregnancy

  • Breast Feeding

  • HIV/Aids

  • Cancer (must be 24 months post cancer)

  • Chemotherapy

  • Immune Deficiency/Therapy

  • Lupus

  • High Blood Pressure

  • Diabetics (uncontrolled)

  • Steroid Medicated (Prednisone etc.)

  • Heart Disease/Problem or damage

  • Kidney Disease/Problem or damage

  • Liver Disease/Problem or damage

  • Blood clotting conditions

  • Numb or Sensitive to Heat/Cold Temperature Change

  • Devise Implants (Insulin pumps, Pacemakers, Defibrillator.)

  • Hemorrhagic Disease, trauma or bleeding

  • Areas with open legions

  • Recent surgery (wait 6 months)

  • Antibiotics (wait until course is completed)

  • Copper IUD (no Radio Frequency or Cavitation treatments)

  • Accutane or Retinol treated area

  • Depilatory creams (wait 2 weeks)

  • IPL or Laser (wait 2 weeks)

  • Botox/Derma fillers

  • Sunburned Skin

  • Conditions that create Chronic Inflammation

  • Anti-inflammatory use

  • Blood Thinners

  • Areas with Metal implants or screws

  • Areas with varicose veins

  • Areas with Metal Contraceptive Coil

  • Areas with infections

  • Ares with inflammations

  • Tummy Tuck (wait 6 months)


  • No services will be performed on areas with Prothesis, Silicone Implants or where fat has been transferred such as with a BBL.

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